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H07BQ-F, 07BQ-F

H07BQ-F, 07BQ-F

Flexible cable (-F) with copper multi-wire conductors in heat resistant rubber insulation (B) and polyurethane sheath (Q). Manufactured in accordance with harmonized standard for 450/750 V voltage (H).



copper, multi-wire, class 5 as per PN-EN 60228


heat resistant rubber


polyurethane, orange

Insulation colours

insulation colours as per PN-HD 308 S2:

2-core: brown, blue

3-core: green and yellow, blue, brown

4-core: green and yellow, brown, black, grey

5-core: green and yellow, blue, brown, black, grey

Operating temperature

-40°C to +90°C

Nominal voltage

450/750 V

Bend radius

min. bend radius:

D ≤ 8 - 6 x cable diameter

8 < D < 12 - 6 x cable diameter

12 < D ≤ 20 - 6 x cable diameter

D > 20 - 8 x cable diameter


cables are intended for applications in places with high risk of mechanical damage (friction, pulling, towing, pushing, bending), in dry, damp and wet rooms and in open spaces, they are intended for connecting industrial and agricultural equipment, power tools such as drills and circular saws as well as mobile engines or construction, agriculture and shipyard machinery, they are suitable for use in cold stores and in fixed installations as electrical wiring


coils, drums